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Parents do not need to become math or reading teachers to help their children continue learning. Parental support and encouragement is very important in the fight against summer learning loss.

As a parent you can:

  • Encourage reading by visiting the library to select books that are topics of interest to your child.
  • You can read to your child no matter how young or old! Reading to and with your child demonstrates your interest and support for their developing reading skills.
  • Contact your school or the district office to get information about your child’s reading level and suggestions for the selection of books. Your library is a good resource to help you and your child find books of interest at their reading level.
  • Studies show that students who read four or more at-level books over the summer do better when they return to school. Challenge and encourage your reader to read at least four books!
  • Develop a summer reading routine — before bedtime is a great time to wind down the business of the day. It is a great time for reading regardless of your child’s age.

You may want to check out the following websites and resources:

Math problems are all around us!

  • Have your child count the items in the grocery cart — ‘Can we go to the line for less than 15 items?’ This is also a good time for young children to sort food items such as vegetables, fruit, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Track the mileage from home to the store and the cost of gas to get there.
  • How much money will we need for the Laundromat to do five loads of laundry? How much money will we need for bus fare to and from downtown? Ask them how they came up with the answer.
  • Listen to how your child approaches everyday tasks; ask them to predict, speculate, and describe how they got the answer.

You may want to check out the following websites and resources:


MakeSummerCount Reading Guidebook- Parent Version
MakeSummerCount Math Guidebook- Parent Version

MSC! Resource Guide


We also invite parents to help their children continue healthy eating habits. Here are a few helpful resources:

Parents can help spread the word to impact more children by telling other parents, guardians, family members and friends about the Make Summer Count! initiative and website.



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